Bluebells in Hallerbos

The bluebells are now flowering in many parts of Hallerbos – a mystical and fairy tale-like forest in Belgium, not far from Brussels.

Early spring fava beans stir-fried with scallions

Fava beans is one of the spring ingredients I get most excited about. In early spring, they are small, tender and bright green.

Going for a drive on my flower route

A very easy route to visit the flower fields in Holland. Each year I spend a few hours driving along my flower route from Huis te Manpad to Voorhoud.

Japanese Cuisine YAMA

As an Asian who loves sashimi, I always go to Yama when I want to eat Japanese food in Rotterdam.

Sake-steamed cockles with butter

This is a super easy recipe for a night owl who loves seafood. It always soothes my soul at midnight diner.

Two natural hot springs in Tuscany

It was truly a fantastic experience, bathing in the thermal water that comes directly from the natural and enjoying the Tuscan scenery.

Chickpea ribollita

Ribollita is a classic Tuscan soup made with white beans, bread and black cabbage. A kind of typical Italian peasant food which makes people happy and content in the winter.

Santa Maria a Poneta

Nice place to stay near San Gimignano, especially if you are interested in horseback riding in Tuscany.
在 San Gimignano 附近不錯的住宿地點,尤其是如果你有興趣在托斯卡尼的鄉間騎馬。

San Gimignano

The temperature drops and it gets chilly, but still no snow. Miss snowy days so much, especially the spring snow in Tuscany.

Stuffed green pepper

I like something spicy as an appetizer. Stuffed green pepper is such a comforting and homely dish which reminds me of my mom.

Jheronimus Bosch 500

I came to Den Bosch and intended to visit Het Noordbrabants museum. Unfortunately, the tickets for the exhibition Visions of a Genius had sold out. 前幾天經過 Den Bosch,本來打算順便去 Noordbrabants 博物館看最近很夯的荷蘭中世紀畫家Jheronimus Bosch逝世500週年特展,沒想到一大早票就賣光了。

Saturday grocery shopping at Markthal

As a Rotterdammer, I often go grocery shopping at Markthal. Follow me and have fun!